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Month: November 2020

How Adult Content Was at the Forefront of the Internet

With the popularity of the internet, porn has become widely available. A significant portion of the online world is devoted to porn websites, and viewership amongst adults and young generations as well as are on the rise. 

Fast access to porn sites allows a high number of porn addictions. Pornography addiction comes with an unconstructive stigma from social and religious groups. Even if porn addiction can interfere with a healthy relationship and lifestyle, this social pressure can make people suffering from disorder scared to seek treatment or speak out.

Prevalence of Porn 

According to, About 12 percent of all websites are pornographic. As the online world grows exponentially, the number of porn sites emerges too. But, the number of porn available might not be as much of an issue as its fast access. This fast access means that inadvertent or intentional exposure to pornography is growing amongst minors. Exposure to pornography as a teen or kid can result in unhealthy ideas concerning sexual relationships. 

The Internet world is not just the main source of porn. Research done in 2006 discovered that approximately 84 percent of people aging 18 to 49 had seen porn videos, either on TV or rented. Another 82 percent had seen porn magazines. 

Trends in Porn Addiction 

A lot of people who watch pornographic content don’t have an addiction. This condition just takes place when a person is not able to manage the impulse to watch porn to the level that it starts to negatively affect factors of his or her life. Most often, these individuals feel embarrassed of their pornographic use and often have a desire to lessen it but hard to do. Most of the time, they result in turning to a hardcore and, most of the time, illegal content to play the growing demand for stimulating material. 

At this point, porn addiction affects about five to eight percent of the adult population. Those who have added to cyberporn spend almost 12 hours watching porn online on a weekly basis. 

The growing exposure of kids to porn online also adds to the increase in pornographic addiction. Age restriction on pornographic websites often takes account of a button to press claiming to be old enough to watch porn. Today, the average age of first exposure to this content is 11 years old. Research shows that 62% of girls and 93% of boys first see …

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