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New Tech for the Dating Industry

Study shows that almost 50 million Americans are into online dating. Even a few years ago, the idea of looking for a date or partner by creating a profile online with pictures, basic information, as well as interests would have seemed ridiculous. While dating apps like Bumble and Tinder have eliminated the social stigma related to utilizing the digital medium to look for a date, the question stays as to what to expect from the dating industry in the near future.

The dating industry keeps on booming. This gives developers remarkable opportunities to keep competitive by taking benefit of new technology. Features like swiping on, location tracking, as well as algorithms have provided volumes to a lot of online dating and fuck apps. However, it is clear that for coming out as a leader in a market that comprises many competing apps, organizations have to boost users’ dating experience. Innovation, as well as concentration on the needs of the users, is way forward, and here are the new techs for the dating industry.


Besides offering a new change from boring profile pictures, videos are a good way to evaluate the personality of the possible match, besides having insights into his or her traits, mannerisms, sense of humor as well as other essential factors. Recently, Tinder, a popular dating app, presented Loops, two-second videos as an alternative to profile pictures that look like Boomerangs. Badoo, on the other hand, integrates a live video chat that users can utilize to chat with possible dates.

AI or Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning may help in making good matches based on the actions of the users rather than solely depending on their stated likings. Like for example on FreeFuckbookApp, by evaluating the time consumed on the fuckbook app, profiles seen, the time consumed on every profile, swipe behavior of the user, chat content, and response time, Artificial Intelligence can help in knowing a perfect match. Once this analysis goes beyond the overall behavior while making use of the cellphone, like fitness schedules, browser history, most-seen shows, pictures, news articles, and other information, profile matching would be precise. Sooner or later, Tinder will make use of an AI assistant to look for dates.

Virtual Reality

Many companies, including Oculus, already utilize virtual reality technology to give virtual dating lessons to assists users in knowing how to approach ladies. …

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