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Which Tech Conferences Should You Attend After The Pandemic?

While you probably never thought you’d be writing an article titled “What tech conferences should you attend after the pandemic” – you’ve probably seen a lot of articles in the past week about who’s attending conferences this year and what conferences are the best.

  • Apple events

Apple’s annual September event is one of the most-anticipated and eagerly-awaited tech events of the year.

If you work in the tech industry, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that Google holds countless conferences where its employees can learn new tricks and meet new people. But, one of the biggest annual gatherings is Google I/O, which takes place in the spring. 

Ingram Cloud Summit is a two-day event that takes place in Seattle at the end of March. It’s a conference for cloud administrators – those who manage your company’s data in the cloud. The event is aimed at helping attendees to make the most out of their cloud investments while improving their skills and knowledge.

  • MIT Tech Conference

The MIT Technology Conference (MIT TechCon) is an annual conference held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, held over a two-day period. The event features more than 200 MIT professors and students presenting on a range of cutting-edge topics, ranging from artificial intelligence and robotics to 3-D printing and brain research. The event is widely regarded as one of the top technology conferences in the world.

There is no doubt about it. The pandemic has been a large problem for the world, with almost all countries affected, and taking a look at all the media coverage, the problem is still ongoing, and it is expected to last for a long time. To make matters worse, the government has not yet announced how they are going to make the situation better. No one can deny that the pandemic is quite serious, and we need to do everything we can to make sure that the damage caused by it is reduced.…

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